Audio Visual Driver International (Phils.) Inc. is the vision of Wilfred D. Lim whose immense enjoyment from high end audio and video reproduction is only surpassed by his desire to share this unique experience with others.

A long time audiophile and videophile, Wilfred discovered early that the path to high end AV is literally a dense minefield of potential pitfalls and disappointments. It is relatively easy to put together an AV system but getting good results is not always certain. He resolved to create a team of professionals and a system of services that removes this uncertainty and ensure good results everytime, all the time.

AVDI was incorporated in 1996 to put his thoughts and ideas into action. The initial focus was on high performance home entertainment systems - primarily high end audio and home theater systems. AVDI imported and directly marketed its own line up of cutting edge AV components. Specialists were hired (and further trained and certified) to sell and install them properly. A state of the art showroom soon followed and AVDI was almost instantaneously, the industry standard in home entertainment system design, integration and implementation in the Philippines.

Eventually, Wilfred realized that AVDI’s vast technical expertise and resources can easily be applied and adopted to professional and corporate AV systems as well so AVDI’s Corporate Division was born with the same exceptional results.