Immerse Yourself in Music


There has never been a better time than now to enjoy music. Every element of reproducing music has evolved, from exceptional loudspeakers and electronics to unprecedented access to high fidelity music. You can enjoy your music, your way, and with far better sound and a deeper musical connection than ever.


So you choose. Soothe your soul. Summon the beast. Chill on the weekend. Immerse yourself in music.

Digital Music


Gone are the days when digital music meant sacrificing realism for a convenience. Today’s high-resolution digital playback provides the closest experience to the original recording. Every nuance crafted by the artist is preserved and then rendered for your listening.


Your music system, regardless of cost, benefits from high definition source. Opt for the highest quality with the least compression available – your ears will thank you.



Nothing is more musically satisfying than the tactile joy of playing a treasured recording on vinyl. There’s just something more personal about the experience of spinning records, as if distance between the artist has been dissolved and the emotional connection of the music elevated.


The best turntables are where art and technology meet. There is a craft to assembling a high performance record player and in maximizing the synergism of turntable, tonearm and phono cartridge. At AVDI we take special pride in our decades of experience and knowledge in the art of record playback.