Home Theater

Imagine an area in your home thoroughly optimized to immerse you, your family, and friends in great entertainment experiences. Movies are made more engaging, your latest Netflix binge or TV obsession is presented with cinematic scale. AVDI will design and engineer the perfect sound, picture, and decor for your home. The options are endless:


  • Choose from a variety of speaker styles for your home theater: floor standing, on-wall, in-wall or completely hidden.
  • Automate your home theater experience with one-touch control.
  • Exceptional sound and picture with professional audio and video calibration.

Our staff is trained in every aspect of home theater optimization and ready to help you craft a beautifully designed, comfortable space with easy-to-use theater controls.

Multi-Room Music

Whether you’re having breakfast in the morning or hosting a big party, we make it easy to add superb sound to any room in your home.


Your whole house music system gives you effortless access to streaming media, your own personal music collection, or even tunes from your friend’s mobile device. You decide what suits your mood and in which rooms to listen – all controlled from your phone, tablet, or home automation system.


AVDI knows good sound and our design-conscious experts can help you choose what solutions are best suited to your preferences, space and décor. Let us help you to fill your home with sound.

Audiophile Systems

We present a broad range of the best audio components for enjoying the music you love. Our selection dedicated to sound reproduction include some of the highest performing products out there. Let us help you choose the right audio components that will offer you excellent sound quality, suit your decor and be simple to operate. We can design any system to fit every application, taste and budget.

Family Media Rooms

Whether your family enjoys movies, music, a sporting event, an addictive video game, or just the evening news, enhance the experience with more than just a big television in your busy multi-purpose room.


Our design and technical teams are skilled at integrating today’s entertainment technologies in ways that best suit your family’s needs. An AVDI media room combines aesthetics, performance and functionality to create an experience that is more engaging— and just flat out fun.